The Collaboration Will Aid in Streamlining Compliance Content, Performance Metrics.

Miami, FL (August 2, 2023) Odds On Compliance (“OOC”), the industry-leading technology and consultancy firm specializing in sports betting, iGaming, and gambling regulatory compliance, is pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with SharpRank, the best-in-class Independent Evaluator of sports betting content and advertising.  

SharpRank and OOC will collaborate to offer clients streamlined, efficient access to relevant compliance, audit, monitoring, and other needs.  SharpRank’s audit reports and ongoing monitoring will be made available on OOC’s recently released PlaybookAI, which provides users with the ability to search gaming compliance questions and return responses quickly and efficiently. The audits of sports betting content and proprietary performance metrics and ratings provided by SharpRank enable a real-time and ongoing oversight for regulatory initiatives.  

“We are thrilled to be partnering with SharpRank,” said Eric Frank, CEO and co-founder of Odds On Compliance. “This collaboration represents a powerful fusion of cutting-edge technology and advanced analytics, which will undoubtedly raise the bar in the sports betting industry. Together, we will deliver unparalleled insights, accuracy, and value to our clients, enabling them to stay ahead in this rapidly evolving landscape.” 

On the other hand, OOC’s all-encompassing online tool, PlaybookAI, plays a pivotal role in assisting industry stakeholders in navigating the intricate landscape of regulatory compliance. As part of this holistic approach, SharpRank’s audit process and technology serve as a crucial component, particularly concerning sports betting content and advertising. Through this collaboration, both companies are reinforcing their commitment to offering top-notch solutions that cater to the evolving regulatory framework. 

“When we discover a group that shares such profound alignment in core values, the next step is to explore how we can optimize efficiencies for our clients and industry stakeholders,” remarked Chris Adams, the CEO of SharpRank. “At SharpRank, ‘consumer protection, first. Always’ is one of our guiding principles, and we were thrilled to find that Odds On Compliance shares this very ethos. Our partnership is firmly rooted in the mission to deliver exceptional value to our clients and contribute positively to the entire industry.” Throughout discussions about this collaboration, SharpRank and OOC found themselves perfectly aligned in their unwavering commitment to a consumer-first approach, solidifying the foundation of their alliance. 

As Odds On Compliance and SharpRank embark on this transformative journey, the sports betting industry can anticipate a surge of cutting-edge innovations, unmatched client experiences, and unwavering dedication to excellence. Both companies eagerly look forward to the positive impact this collaboration will have, redefining industry standards and driving progress for their valued clients. 

About Odds On Compliance 

Odds On Compliance is a technology and consultancy firm specializing in sports betting, iGaming and gambling compliance and regulatory frameworks, globally. Odds On Compliance provides a range of products and services that assist clients in navigating, mastering, and staying up to date with the rapidly developing regulatory compliance frameworks around the world. For more information, please visit or the Odds On Compliance LinkedIn page. 

 About SharpRank 

SharpRank is an independent evaluator in the sports betting industry, acting as an auditor and ratings agency. By auditing and opining on sports betting content and its advertising, SharpRank removes the gray area between sportsbooks and the associated content/advertising. For more information, please visit the SharpRank LinkedIn Page 

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