AML Risk Assessments


AML (Anti-Money Laundering) risk assessments are an essential component of any organization’s compliance program. A risk assessment is a process of identifying, analyzing, and evaluating the potential risks of money laundering and terrorist financing that an organization may face. The primary purpose of an AML risk assessment is to identify the level of risk associated with each customer or transaction and to develop measures to mitigate those risks. By conducting an AML risk assessment, an organization can identify vulnerabilities and take proactive steps to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing.

Three Phases of an Assessment

“Regular risk assessments are essential to staying ahead of evolving threats and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. “

Joe Casole

Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs

Services We Provide


Enterprise-Wide Risk Assessment


Drafting & Implementing Risk-Based Policies and Procedures

Transaction Monitoring System Validation and Optimization

Independent Program Review

Training Delivered from Talented Industry Experts

The Odds On Compliance Commitment

Once the risks have been identified, Odds On Compliance is committed to helping you develop measures to mitigate risks, such as implementing enhanced due diligence procedures, transaction monitoring, and suspicious activity reporting.

Our Team of AML Specialists

Odds On Compliance employs CAMS Certified AML Specialists dedicated to bringing quality AML services to our clients.

Joe Casole, CAMS, CCEP

Vice President, Legal & Regulatory Affair
Joe Casole is a seasoned advisor for public and private interests within the highly regulated gaming, cannabis and finance industries. Joe's experience as a regulatory attorney and litigator in the gaming and cannabis groups at global law firm, Duane Morris, LLP and in-house counsel for Gaming Laboratories International make him a trusted source for existing industry stakeholders and new entrants seeking licensing and compliance solutions across jurisdictions.

Cheryl Jones

President, Europe
Cheryl Jones is the former Chief Legal and Compliance Officer for Lady Luck Games AB and G Games Ltd, and previously managed the Technical Compliance and Quality Assurance teams for EMEA for Gaming Laboratories International (GLI). She was also Head of Legal and Regulatory Affairs for GLI UK and NMi Metrology and Gaming, charged with developing and implementing the legal and regulatory compliance team. Jones was also named one of the Most Influential Women in Gaming (2022) by Slot Gods.

John Wellendorf, CAMS

Director, Regulatory Affairs
8+ regulatory and compliance experience across the wealth management and gaming industries, including most recently Head of Compliance at Tipico and Senior Compliance Officer at Points Bets.CAMS certified in 2019 and received Masters' degree from Villanova University in 2014