Following the recent launch of PlaybookAI Beta test, Odds on Compliance’s Chief Technical Officer Mark Scrivo takes a look at what artificial intelligence and natural language search really means, and how PlaybookAI can impact the future of gaming compliance work.

PlaybookAI brings AI-powered natural language search to Playbook. PlaybookAI will feature natural language processing and text classification to offer enhanced search capabilities across Playbook’s comprehensive database of all state-by-state compliance and regulatory documentation. This enables subscribers to ask a fully formed question, get an exact answer, and drill down directly into the original source evidence.  

So firstly, what is natural language search?  

Old methods of searching for answers included exact string matching or keyword search. Each of these methods required typing in a group of words and returning results. Trouble was: the artificial intelligence (AI) only looked for the exact words themselves and did not have any semantic understanding of the actual question being asked.  

With natural language search, the AI has been trained as an advanced model that understands the full question being asked, and not just returning a search based on the keywords.  To read complete news click on the link below: