Odds On Compliance and iGaming Academy Partnership To Provide Additional Training Offerings Within Playbook, Odds On Compliance’s Revolutionary Tech Platform Providing Access To Comprehensive, Up-To-Date Regulatory Information

Miami, FL (June 21, 2022) Odds On Compliance, the industry-leading technology and consultancy firm specializing in sports betting, iGaming, and gambling regulatory compliance in the U.S. and abroad, has announced a new partnership with iGaming Academy, the leading provider of compliance and job skills training for online casinos, sportsbooks, and lottery operators in the U.S. and Canada.

The partnership will offer iGaming Academy users with extended free trials to Odds On Compliance’s revolutionary online platform, Playbook, which provides the most comprehensive overview ever produced of the U.S. sports betting, iGaming, daily fantasy sports, and iLottery regulatory environment, updated in real-time as the U.S. market evolves. Additionally, from June 27, 2022, Playbook will also feature ‘Training’ provided through the iGaming Academy course offerings, giving Playbook users access to iGaming Academy’s wealth of training material.

“I’m proud to announce our partnership with iGaming Academy and looking forward to working closely with their team to provide Playbook users with the enhanced value their training programs provide. Playbook, with the most extensive state libraries, the ability to search and collaborate on regulatory documents, and now training, is quickly becoming the one-stop-shop for all the compliance needs an organization would have,” commented Eric Frank, CEO and Co-Founder of Odds On Compliance.

“As North America is fast becoming a major market for iGaming Academy and as we continue to work with major operators in the region, partnering with Odds On Compliance will enable us to provide ever more concise insight into the regulatory framework which is presented within our courses–covering all regulated states, and Canada. Today, we train over 50,000 gaming employees on key compliance and vocational topics, North America has now surpassed 10,000 online learners and we expect this number to grow 10-fold in the very near future!” added Jaime Debono, Managing Director and Co-Founder of iGaming Academy.

Playbook provides a virtual gateway to a comprehensive collection of regulatory documents for U.S. states with legalized sports betting, daily fantasy sports, iGaming, and iLottery. Playbook features carefully curated, managed, and automatically updated statutes, regulations, and requirements that enable businesses to stay in step with the agencies that regulate them.

About Odds On Compliance

Odds On Compliance is a technology and consultancy firm specializing in sports betting, iGaming and gambling compliance and regulatory frameworks, in the U.S. and abroad. Odds On Compliance provides a range of services that assist clients navigating, mastering, and staying up to date with the rapidly developing regulatory compliance framework at state and federal levels throughout the USA. For more information, please go to oddsoncompliance.com or the Odds On Compliance LinkedIn page.

About iGaming Academy

iGaming Academy is the leading provider of compliance and jobs skills training for gaming businesses worldwide. We provide efficient and effective training for the global online gaming and gambling industry. We help operators and suppliers meet regulatory requirements in every major jurisdiction, minimize risks and keep their business, staff, and customers safe. Our interactive compliance training provides the ideal solution for gaming businesses to train staff effectively and to minimize compliance risks.

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