International Women’s Day 2024: An Interview with Cheryl Jones 

Observed on the 8th of March each year, International Women’s Day celebrates the achievements of women around the globe. The aim of International Women’s Day is to promote gender equality, challenge stereotypes, and encourage women’s empowerment in all aspects of life.  

Cheryl Jones, President of EMEA at Odds On Compliance, shares her motivating story and the journey that led her to where she is now. Cheryl also spearheaded the formation of WLW: Women Leading Women, a resource group/initiative for women in gaming, tech, and sports, aimed at creating a supportive and empowering community for women within the gaming industry. 

How would you describe your role as President of EMEA at Odds On Compliance? 

As the President of EMEA at Odds On Compliance, my goal is to serve as an anchor, supporting and developing compliance practices for clients in the gaming, tech, and sports industries. I am committed to implementing proactive regulatory solutions that enhance business environments. I strongly advocate for a ‘Compliance First’ approach, regardless of the size of the company. Nothing is black and white, so it’s up to me to come up with the solutions, so that my client can offer their clients the ultimate experience with confidence, concentrate on what they do well without the pressure of trying to navigate and maintain the intricacies surrounding compliance. 

What has been the biggest achievement in your career so far? 

As I reflect on my career so far, the most significant achievement has undoubtedly been my nomination for the iGB Most Influential Women award in the gaming industry, coupled with being shortlisted for the Global Gaming Awards EMEA 2024. These recognitions hold a special place for me as they encapsulate not just my individual efforts but also the collective support and encouragement I’ve received throughout my journey in the gaming sector. 

In my career, I’ve always believed that having a voice equates to having influence. This belief has driven me to not only strive for excellence in my work but also to empower others in the industry. Being acknowledged for these efforts through these prestigious awards is deeply humbling. It validates my perseverance and the values I’ve upheld in a field that is as challenging as it is rewarding. 

So, for me, these recognitions are more than accolades; they are a testament to the idea that when you commit to empowering others and leading with integrity, your impact goes beyond the confines of your immediate role. It’s a recognition of the influence one can have in shaping an industry and inspiring the next generation of professionals. 

What does International Women’s Day signify to you? 

It signifies much more than just a mere date on the calendar; it embodies a profound acknowledgment and celebration of the invaluable contributions and achievements of women worldwide. Moreover, International Women’s Day serves as a pivotal moment for reflection, prompting businesses and communities to assess not only how far they’ve come in promoting gender equality but also how far they aspire to go. It presents a golden opportunity to discuss and review existing policies, practices, and attitudes, fostering accountability and aiming not only to recognize past achievements but also to generate momentum for future progress. This ensures that the path towards gender parity is continually paved with dedication, advocacy, and action. 

What do you think would help tackle gender inequality within the industry and would motivate more women to pursue a career in gaming? 

From my experience, I believe it’s about adopting a collaborative approach. For instance, the employees at Odds On are incredibly supportive of everything we, as women, do within the company. When I first joined Odds On, my goal was to create an initiative that supported women within the company, and I envisioned this eventually extending to the wider industry. 

During the ICE conference, I shared with the women I met my vision for expanding our ‘Women Leading Women’ initiative beyond its internal scope to incorporate a diverse board. This board would not only include females in legal and compliance roles but would also cover professionals such as reporters and graphic designers. I reached out to various organizations, including consulting firms and marketing agencies, to assess their interest in joining this group. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with a high level of eagerness to participate and no one declining the invitation. This enthusiastic reception underscores the increasing presence and influence of women in management and executive-level positions within the industry. 

Do you have any advice or tips you would share with younger women considering a career in iGaming? 

For women to feel empowered in shaping their own career with the support of others. This goal means that women can embrace who they are, as a woman, and beyond their gender. It means that they can define and create their own path, mapping out where they want to be without self-imposed or unworthy institutional barriers, and have a supportive team to enable them forward. 

Looking ahead, my aspiration is to witness a significant rise in the number of women assuming leadership roles within the iGaming, Technology, and Sports industries. As these sectors continue to evolve, it is imperative that women put themselves forward, but are also actively leading the charge. Their involvement at the forefront is not just about representation; it is about them carving out new paths. This leadership is crucial in paving the way for the next generation of female leaders, creating more opportunities and altering the industry landscape to be more inclusive. By doing so, we not only celebrate the achievements of women in these fields but also inspire and empower future generations to dream bigger and aim higher. 

This interview was conducted and published by BettingJobs as part of their International Women’s Day campaign, and we appreciate the opportunity to be featured. 

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