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We drive more consistent audits, supported by a passion for excellence. We are proactively transforming how we conduct the audit, shifting both how we think and how we act, by adopting smarter ways of working. Throughout the course of every engagement, our aim is to deliver deeper insights, broader perspectives, higher quality, and greater consistency in services. Separately, through assurance services, we provide added confidence around changing regulations, increasing complexity, and new technologies, drawing upon deep compliance experience and complementary strengths across OddsOn. Tous, an audit is more than an obligation, its an opportunity to provide insight that can inform your future aspirations so that you are ready to step forward with confidence.

Our Audit and
Assurance Strategy

We prepare the groundwork so that you can leap forward with confidence.

Planning Scope and preliminary RISK assessment

Getting to know you – Earning your trust – Your next move.
We’re here to reduce the burden and go deeper into your business. Skilled at connecting what we find with the potential risks, and opportunities you face. Our audits are rooted on understanding your businesses and designed to provide valuable insights on what matters to you.

Diving DEEPER into the details

We are relentless in our commitment to audit innovation. We are leveraging leading-edge technologies to deliver the highest quality standards. We are innovating on delivery with tons of dedicated resources with relevant experience and deep industry knowledge, all to deliver an audit with insights that inform tomorrow’s success.

MORE than just reporting

Clear, meaningful reporting is critical and independent auditing should play a valuable role in providing challenge and assurance within a Company. At Odds On, we are proactively engaging with regulators, consultants, clients, and industry bodies to evolve and meet the needs of the industry and to serve its purpose in promoting trust and confidence

Commitment to Quality

“An audit is in the midst of a transformation driven by evolving markets, changing regulations, and new technologies. We are at the forefront of shaping the future of auditing so that we can deliver high-quality audits and value-added insights for clients to consider.”

Eric Frank

Founder & CEO

Sustained Commitment to Quality

We are here to support you in building a culture of continuous improvement so that you can become resilient to change by actively monitoring for change and putting a well-thought-out response framework in place.

Insights through Innovation

No two businesses are exactly the same. We offer bespoke innovative tools and services giving our clients greater visibility into hidden risks. With the ability to analyze full populations, and identify patterns, linkages, and anomalies in your businesses, which translates to a quality-focused, higher value audit, with enhanced visibility to risks and the opportunity to make well-informed decisions, ultimately benefitting the company, its investors, and shareholders.

Lifecycle Assurence

The circumstances of your business are changing every single day. Your audit experience shouldn’t distract you from what’s important, your audit should provide a valuable independent perspective on matters that are important to your business.

Beyond the Scope

To better understand your business sometimes needs a different perspective, that’s why Odds On has the ability to provide you with bespoke world-class technology, going beyond expectations to deliver the highest quality audit services. We focus on the detail so you can see the bigger picture.

Smart solutions for your audit process

We achieve the necessary high effciency and target orientation of our audit in five main phases:

Audit Planning and preliminary risk assessment

Assessment of risks and identification of internal controls

Audit of controls and determinations of levels of control assurance over processes

Substantive procedures

Processing information and communication across the company

Bringing our most talented team to you

Our role is to build and enhance trust between our client’s businesses and the gaming industry, by being
proactive in our approach and protecting from future risk.

The true value of our partnering with Odds On for your Audit and Assurance services

“As the industry evolves you will find that many jurisdictions require operators to either have their own Internal Audit Department or to contract with a third party to perform that function. Operators need to be aware of the timing and frequency of audits required by regulation so they can consider their options for meeting those requirements. Odds On, can be a cost-effective alternative to hiring and staffing your own Internal Audit Department or using a costly CPA, with no casino operations experience to audit your company’s operations. Odds On, has experienced professionals in all facets of casino gaming including audit and we have the technology and resource to customize our audits to meet your business strategy and to comply with jurisdictional requirements”

Eric Weiss

Vice President of Technical Compliance & Audit

Matthew Krince

Matthew Krince

Senior Advisor of Regulatory Audits

Alison Staknis

Alison Staknis

Director of Regulatory Operations

Joe Casole

Joe Casole

Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs

Abby Dawson

Abby Dawson

Compliance Auditor


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